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Benefits Program

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Meeting Your Needs
You spend your time helping others in need. Now, your membership in the Southlake Chamber of Commerce helps address your needs. The new Chamber Employee Benefits Program allows you, your employees and their spouses to purchase life, disability, accident, and cancer insurance by answering a few medical questions — no medical exams are required.

Budget Friendly
Sometimes, providing proper employee benefits is difficult. That's where we can help. Allstate Benefits offers a supplemental benefit package that can fit your company's needs. Plans require NO EMPLOYER CONTRIBUTIONS, as all employee purchases are made through payroll deductions.

Putting You First
With the products offered through this program, you can enhance your benefit program to help protect your employees from future uncertainty.

Advantages To You:+
Guaranteed renewable, subject to change in premiums by class

the right coverage your future great choice

  • Different coverage options available
  • Affordable premium rates paid through convenient payroll deduction
  • Policies that are portable
  • Benefits paid regardless of other coverage

Benefit Options
The reverse side of this sheet describes the coverage that is available. This coverage can help cover expenses if the unexpected happens. It is never too early to prepare for the future.

*varies by product

Your Benefit Coverage
Benefits can help offset stress caused by sudden illness, accident, or death. They can also cover somenon-medical expenses that your employees current insurance might not. Terms and conditions mayvary by state.

Universal Life
By a sizable margin, the top reason people say they own life insurance is to cover burial and other final expenses (89 percent) followed by replacing the income of a wage earner (65 percent)**. Starting now, your employees canapply for life insurance that can provide a death benefit up to $150,000; and over time it may provide them with fund values they can use for retirement, children's education or emergencies. Best of all, your employeesare in control. They may vary the premiums paid intotheir policy, get tax-deferred fund value accumulation*, and are guaranteed a minimum interest rate that is competitive and current. Optional/additional riders canbe added to the policy for an extra premium.

*Partial withdrawals, surrenders and loans from lite insurance policies may be subject to ordinary income taxes and possibly an additional 10% federal taxpenalty. Outstanding loan balances and withdrawals generally reduce thedeath benefit and cash value. With proper planning, the death benefit canpass to the employee's beneficiaries free from state or federal estate taxes. The employee should consult with their tax advisor for specific information.

Term Life
Seven in 10 families with children under 18 would havetrouble paying their bills if their primary wage earners died unexpectedly.*** How would your employees or their families cover large bills if they lost a wage earner? Sometimes, sending a child to college or purchasing a home can require planning for possible loss of income. Horizon Term is a 20-year renewable and convertible term lifepolicy. It will provide life insurance coverage for a specified amount of time at affordable rates. Benefits are payable to the chosen beneficiaries and can be used to help continuemortgage payments, college education or other large expenses that don't stop with an untimely death. It can also be converted to a permanent life insurance policy and enhanced with a choice of riders.

Disability Income
Nine out of 10 deaths and nearly three-fourths of thedisabling injuries suffered by workers occurred off the job.**** Help your employees protect one of their most valuable assets—the ability to earn an income. They can pay anaffordable amount now for a Disability Income policy from Allstate Benefits and later have benefits to help offset aloss of income if disability strikes due to a covered sicknessor off-the-job injury. Employees can receive benefits fromthree months to two years, depending on the amount of coverage they choose.

Accidents happen - an unintentional-injury death occursevery 4 minutes and a disabling injury every 1 second. 3 No one can plan for an accident, but your employees can helpprotect themselves and their families against additional costs incurred by accidental injury. The policy includes benefits for Dislocation or Fracture, Ambulance, Loss ofLife and Limbs, Hospitalization, and Medical Expenses.

According to the American Cancer Society, men haveslightly less than a 1 in 2 lifetime risk of developing cancer; for women, the risk is a little more than 1 in 3.***** Cancer insurance can help you manage the high expenses of treatment, preserve your savings and protect your family from financial hardship.

+ Product not available in all states.

** New LIFE and LIMRA Study Examines Changes in Insurance Planning
Attitudes and Behaviors, Life Foundation, July 27, 2011.
*** Household Trends In U.S. Life Insurance Ownership, LIMRA
International, 2010.
**** Injury Facts 2010 Edition, National Safety Council.
***** Cancer Facts & Figures, American Cancer Society, 2012.

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